Jim Wexell was born in Chicago in 1960 and his favorite player of all-time is the same as Troy Polamalu’s: the late, great Walter Payton. The University of Pittsburgh graduate has covered the Steelers since 1995.

Jim was recently assigned the task of pulling Polamalu all together, and now that his assigned task is complete Jim returns to his life of watching the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for, practice and play the great game of football.

Polamalu is Wexell’s fourth book, the second from his own company, Pittsburgh Sports Publishing. His other self-published work was the enormously raucous road-trip book Steeler Nation: A Pittsburgh Team, an American Phenomenon.

Jim hopes all football fans can come to appreciate the power, grace and beauty of both Payton and Polamalu, and that those traits one day again become the norm rather than the exceptional.

“That’s beautiful, Dad.” – Samantha Wexell

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